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Zurich Travel Assist is a travel assistance program that focuses on providing positive medical and security outcomes to travelers. The program is administered by World Travel Protection Canada Inc. (WTP). As a member of the International Assistance Group (IAG), administration by WTP allows the program to respond to medical and security emergencies in a wide variety of locations throughout the world.

With a sophisticated, 24-hour call center and global communications network, Zurich Travel Assist’s multilingual staff of physicians, nurses, travel assistance specialists and assistance coordinators have the resources to help you access needed medical, legal, information, security or personal assistance or offer an interpreter on your behalf – any time of the day, every day of the year.

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Our Program Administrator

In 2015, WTP provided coverage to over 9.5 million business and leisure travellers with specialised services in medical emergency (including evacuation or repatriation), health, travel safety and travel assistance.

WTP’s mission is to make customer’s unexpected moments better. As an international services team WTP has the ability to assist plan members in a wide variety of situations and locations, from a lost bag in Miami, to performing life-saving evacuations off of Mt. Everest in June 2016. Its mission is to be there, wherever and whenever our customers need us most.

As a member of IAG, WTP works with a network of global assistance providers to better service customers in a wide variety of locations throughout the world. Through IAG, we are able to leverage the local knowledge and experience of more than 60 offices worldwide including more than 9,700 industry specialists to offer high-quality assistance services 24 hours a day. This means that you can travel anywhere in the world and WTP can help.

“Slip and Fall” Nightmare Avoided When Zurich Travel Assist Responds

A Zurich Travel Assist (ZTA) client was traveling on business in Switzerland when the trip took a turn for the worst. A male was walking to the train station when he slipped on some ice. The man broke his leg and was taken by ambulance to the nearest emergency room.

An X-ray identified a broken left leg requiring immediate surgery. The male's family contacted ZTA who responded that they would assist the male in getting the best possible care including transportation home as soon as he was fit to do so.

ZTA then stepped in to perform the following:

  • ZTA contacts the hospital to get a medical update and advises that the patient has travel insurance with direct billing on behalf of the patient. The employee undergoes emergency surgery to have 4 screws secured in his leg.
  • Following surgery a ZTA medical case officer contacts the patient to check progress. With his family back home in the US, the case officer transferred the call to the male's wife for a similar update.
  • During the patient’s hospitalization ZTA was in regular contact with both the provider and patient to ensure the highest level of care and to make arrangements for repatriation back to the US. As part of the recovery the patient required intense physiotherapy to assist him in walking again. After a week in hospital the man was declared safe to fly.
  • ZTA arranged for two business class seats for the man and an accompanying colleague who would be able to assist him on the flight. ZTA also organized ground transportation to be ready to take him and his colleague to and from the airport, as well as airport assistance so their travels could be as stress free as possible.

Shortly after they returned home, ZTA called the male to ensure the flight went as planned and that there were no other services required. ZTA also contacted the male's family and guaranteed that all medical and evacuation expenses would be taken care of, which they greatly appreciated.